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Dog & Field – The Tracker Jacket – Part 1

From Dog & Field’s ‘The Tracker Range’

df-tracker-jacket-1First Impressions

The Tracker Jacket is designed for the working dog that requires added protection. I can see it doing a good job minimising the risk of puncture wounds or lacerations but ultimately it will be most valuable offering protection when facing the risk of injury during a track and follow up for wounded, dangerous quarry. The protection comes in the form of three layers of Aramid fabric, a material found in the products of well known brands of military spec body armour. I intend to put it to the test in due course (without the dog inside it!) but by all accounts it should handle tusks, antlers, hooves and the many other hazards faced during a track and follow up of wounded large game.



The Tracker Jacket has a durable canvass exterior which is described as being made of a thorn proof G7 Polyester and has a soft breathable fabric on the interior. As with all the product range it is in a very visible blaze orange but also has a reflective strip down each side.  The fixings are thick Velcro fastenings down the length of the jacket and around the neck. The tracking collar works well with the Jacket and there are loops to facilitate its use. I can see the drawback of not having a body harness type design to relieve stress on the neck for stronger pulling dogs but the collar is well padded over the top of the jacket so I will see how my GSP gets on with it.

It has the feel of a stab vest. The Tracker Jacket is a good combination of protection to core vital organs and comfortable, flexible free movement of limbs.

It comes in 5 sizes to cover most breeds and has a removable strip/panel that decreases the girth size for a slimmer dog.


The build quality looks good and by comparison to other similar products offering the same level of protection I would say the Jacket is priced very competitively.

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Further field testing to follow!

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