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Train with Deer Central!

Whether you are completely new to sporting rifles or deer stalking or have a level of experience that you wish to develop, Deer Central can help you progress.

Led by a BASC approved trainer and assessor, the team has an excellent track record in assisting deer stalkers achieve and exceed the standard required for the Deer Stalking Certificate Level 1 and 2.

Firearms Awareness Course

A Firearms awareness course is a great introduction to Sporting Rifles and is run over the course of a day with the essential theory covered in the classroom before some practical application on the shooting range.

Deer Stalking Certificate Level 1

The Deer Stalking Certificate Level 1 is a great foundation on which to build your deer stalking experience and skills but don’t be fooled, it is not an attendance course. You will need to study a comprehensive manual to be prepared for the course and the assessments. The shooting assessment also requires a minimum standard and if you have little or no experience of shooting a deer caliber rifle in prone, sitting/kneeling and standing positions then it is well worth booking in for some marksmanship coaching in advance of the course.

Training & Mentoring

Many assume the natural progression from DSC1 is Level 2 but don’t be too hasty in signing up. The theory of the Level 1 course has to be built upon until you are confident and suitably experienced in every aspect of deer stalking from the preparation and planning stage, location and selection, the stalk, the shot, the follow up, carcass process and inspection right through to extraction and lardering. This takes some time becoming familiar with the process through repetition of good habits. The most ideal learning environment will be in the field under the instruction of an experienced deer stalker and teacher rolled into one.

Deer Stalking Certificate Level 2

Once you are ready and have applied for your Deer Stalking Certificate Level 2 you will have 3 years in which to collect enough evidence that you meet the standard required for the award. This is done by undertaking 3 seperate stalks accompanied by an Approved Witness and compiling and online portfolio. You will be thoroughly briefed on every aspect of the assessment and just like a driving test you will demonstrate your competence against a list of Performance Criteria (PC’s). The Witness will record the completed PC’s along with a narrative of how you achieved them and this will be sent to your Assessor who will ensure that the evidence is complete, and who will ask you questions where needed to strengthen the portfolio evidence.

Additional training and progression

Every day is a school day and Continuous Professional Development is a current phrase in most industries. Best Practice Days, The annual British Deer Society meeting and publications of studies can all help keep us progressing in our knowledge. There is always more to learn and skills to develop and I always take the opportunity to get on the range or out on a stalk with other experienced professionals to cross pollinate ideas and methods.

Visit the Deer Central website or our Facebook presence for more information on the training we can provide and feel free to join the social group ‘Deer Central Forum’ which is open to all who are looking to learn and progress.

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  1. Where is this held? Id love to do this, but think you will be way too far away from me.

    1. Hi Vivienne. We run courses at a number of locations in the South of England. The events currently planned are at the bottom of the home page. We can also run bespoke one one one training/coaching depending on what you want to achieve. Feel free to make contact to discuss and follow us on social media for up to date notifications.

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