Pre Deer Stalking Certificate 1 Course

Pre Deer Stalking Certificate 1 Course

The aim of this group course is to equip the candidate with the knowledge, understanding, skills and awareness required to undertake basic rifle shooting as required for the Deer Stalking Certificate 1 (DSC1) Shooting Assessment. It is an ideal course aimed at the beginner or novice shot to improve shooting ability prior to undertaking the DSC1.

There is no requirement for you to have a Firearms Certificate or your own rifle. Safety issues will be dealt with in a classroom before moving on to the range for the practical aspects which will deal with shooting positions and rifle technique. The course will offer the candidate plenty of time on the range using various centre-fire rifles and to practise the shooting test positions.

There will also be some time for discussion and explanations of other areas of the DSC1 course and assessments

Rifles are available and ammunition will be provided. You may of course bring your own rifle; if you do, please bring your current FAC with you.

The cost of this course is £225

This course led by Ben Lightowler but is adminstrated by BASC. Please book direct through them via the link below,

Link to BASC website booking page