First Aid Training 

Deer Central can facilitate emergency first aid training delivered by experienced and qualified Instructors. We believe the best training is delivered by those with practical experience in applying the skills taught and we won’t have anyone teach without this and a thorough knowledge of their subject.

Emergency First Aid at Work Level 3 + Forestry (EFAW+F)

EFAW+F is the minimum requirement for Forestry Commission and Woodland Trust leases. However, the course is ideally suited to equip any field sportsman with potentially lifesaving skills. The first section of the course covers the basic first aid at work format such as  burns, breaks and sprains, choking, strokes, heart attacks and CPR.

In addition it covers the ‘+F’ or Forestry module which includes, catastrophic haemorrhage, crush injuries, hypothermia and lymes disease. Our instructor will give you the knowledge and practical hands on experience in treating serious injuries through training aids for tourniquet application and wound packing and dressing.

The course is adapted to make it applicable to the fieldsports environment.

On successful completion of the course assessments you will recieve two awards,

  • FAA level 3 Award in Emergency First Aid at Work (RQF)
  • FAA Level 3 Award in Forestry First Aid (RQF)

The awarding body is First Aid Awards Ltd which is regulated by Ofqual.

Please enquire via the contact page.