Pre DSC2 Support Application

The support is offered for preparation guidance and study support prior to application for Deer Stalking Certificate Level 2. As an Assessor for the Deer Management Qualifications I am able to offer informed guidance based on my experience as an industry recognised trainer, an Approved Witness and as a Portfolio Assessor.

The support comprises of,

  1. An initial telephone call to establish current level of experience and any knowledge gaps.
  2. Guidance and tasks tailored to you on pre assessment study to fill knowledge gaps to meet the required standard.
  3. A telephone call on completetion of your study with questioning designed to test your depth of knowledge on what you have studied and to simulate the type of questioning you may receive from a portfolio assessor.
  4. Feedback and further recommendations on skills to be practiced and honed prior to assessment.

Cost is £65 inc. Vat

The support cost includes telephone and email support throughout the study period. The support costs do not include, hard copies of support material or practical instruction. Electronic copies of DMQ guidance documents and study support links are provided.

You will receive an invoice for payment at the email address provided once your application has been received.