Hubertus Cherry Wood Call

£14.99 Incl. VAT

Used Widely with great success for Roe and Muntjac

Real Cherry Wood

Tones instantly adjustable from Fiep to Kitz

Lightweight and compact

Loop for lanyard


Stock Available

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Designed as a Roe call the Hubertus Cherry Wood Call is made from real Cherry Wood with a reed embedded in the center with the ability to control it’s pitch instantly by use of the the turn screw on the top.

It is a more delicate tone than the Hubertus buttolo blatter with a pitch ranging from feip to kitz which are German derived terms meaning the call a Roe doe makes to attract bucks and the kids distress call used to call for its mother.

Most effective during the peak of the Roe rut, however the ‘kitz’ tone can play on the maternal instinct of a Doe earlier in the year which, when attracted by the calls, can draw out a buck.

These more delicate tones can also be very effective for Muntjac!

Listen to the call here,


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