Viper-Flex Styx Journey

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If you are in the market for quad sticks you won’t find any better than Viper-flex. The Danish designed and made shooting sticks have set the standard for shooting stability and product quality. The Journey are a further developed aluminum/carbon fiber combined construction.


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Viper-Flex® haven’t stopped improving thier design after initial success. Neither have they oursourced thier production to a cheaper part of the world like many. They are developed and manufactured in Denmark and thier Styx Journey are a further improvement of thier Viper-Flex® shooting sticks. The improvements to Viper-Flex® Styx include:

  • Single handed operation. A leaver on the side of the shooting stick enables you to open the shooting sticks in front of you with one hand readying your rifle with the other. The leaver can also be moved from one side to the other for left or right handed shooters.
  • Both top sections are ‘geared’ to ensure they remain level relative to the angle of the legs. Once opened the lever assists keeping the sticks in the open postion as you grasp it moving and adjusting onto your target. The legs can easily be shortened for sitting and kneeling positions.
  • The rubber feet on the Viper-Flex® Styx Journey are also new. They are designed to grip the ground on all surfaces and terraian even at a larger spreading angle.
  • The wide rubber rest, more often used at the front has been made wider to enable the tracking of a moving target over a wider area before having to move the sticks.
  • The rubber ‘V’ rest that was intended for supporting the rear of the rifle stock is now opened and the rubber covering extended so the sticks can be used back to front if prefered.
  • The border on the top rests have been widened so that is is the rubber that makes contact with the legs reducing noise when the sticks are carried.

Viper-Flex® Styx Journey is a strong and very stable set of shooting sticks, to be used for prone, sitting, kneeling and standing shooting without buying any extra accessories. (However, we still recommend using Single Leg to support for even better stability). The unique design means that you get solid support for taking your shots, thereby reducing the risk of wounding the quarry.

Use the Viper-Flex® Styx Journey for stalking, and driven hunting, as a support for your binoculars during the hunt or as a single leg or two-legged shooting stick.

Facts about Viper-Flex® Styx Journey

  • Shortest length when disassembled: 65 cm
  • Easy and quick adjustment to the desired height
  • Manufactured from black anodised aluminium combined with carbon fibre
  • Can be carried in an ordinary suitcase
  • Clip Grips and bag included
  • Suitable for shooters from 1.20-1.95 m tall
  • Can be shortened to 118 cm
  • Weight 1050 g

Additional Info

Weight1.410 kg
Dimensions130 × 25 × 12 cm