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Dog & Field – Tracker Vest

From Dog & Field’s ‘The Tracker Range’


First Impressions

img_0073If your dog is anything like my young German Shorthaired Pointer you will see the value in some added protection when working in undergrowth with brambles and thorns. This is the concept the Tracker Vest is born from. The Vest is made from 6mm thick neoprene in an unmissable florescent orange so it will also give some protection and insulation from the weather as well as making the dog easy to spot in cover or low light.

It comes in 5 sizes (the vest photographed is size Large). Getting the the dog into the vest would be an easy job if it sat still!



The heavy duty YKK zip looks and feels robust and passes the wriggling dog test as it engages with ease. The wide strip of velcro then seals the dog in the vest and I can’t see it coming apart in a hurry.


More field testing to follow.


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