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Sporting Firearm Awareness Course

JPEG image-BACB10C485E8-1The course on Saturday 22nd October is one day in duration and will cover the following topics,

Types, uses and suitable selection of,

  • Sporting firearms
  • Calibers and ammunition
  • Optics

  • Safe Handling on the Range and in the Field.
  • Safe Shooting and Applied Sporting Marksmanship
  • Setting up and zeroing
  • Cleaning and servicing

A firearms licensing officer from Dorset Police will cover,

  • Firearms Law
  • The Certification Process

The aim of the course is to equip you with the knowledge to make informed choices, to be safe and legal in the use of sporting firearms and give you the confidence to undertake all aspects of set up and basic maintenance.

The course content is covered by short talks, powerpoint slides, practical demonstration, discussion and Q&A.

Time and weather permitting you will have the opportunity for practical application, shooting both a small caliber and a centerfire caliber on the rifle range.

The course is for newcomers and for those who want to refresh or update their skills. You will receive a certificate of attendance on completion.

Some firearms licensing departments may accept the course as contributing towards your suitability for ownership of a firearm. 

Cost is £99

Please enquire via the contact page.