Wild Game & Venison Facebook Group Supplier Registration

The application process is hosted by Deer Central, however the form containing your data is sent directly to the group administrators of WGAV group. In line with GDPR your personal data will be treated fairly, lawfully and transparently and you can read our GDPR statement here,

Seller Registration
Type of Supply *
Type of Production *
I have a certificate of FBO Registration and agree to send a copy to wgavgroup@gmail.com for verification after submission of this form. *
Publicity - The success of the group relies on all members downloading, printing and distrubuting the publicity posters from the group files to locations where they will be seen and increase our customer members. *
Data protection - 1. Your data will not be retained or used in any way by Deer Central. WGAV Facebook Group will only retain your application form on the gmail email server archive whilst you are a supplier on WGAV group. It is assumed you are a supplier until you notify us otherwise, at which point we will delete it. 2. Your basic details - Name, type of supply/production and FBO registration date/renewal will be recorded by the WGAV group admins for assurance purposes. 3. Your registration data will only be visible to group admins. 4. Your FBO registration document will be deleted once checked. *
Supplier agreement - 1. Group admins reserve the right to accept or decline any application. 2. Suppliers are given a serial number which is to be used on every group advertisement. 3. Type of supply and production must match the description on the FBO registration certificate. 4. Supplier membership is conditional on staying current and compliant in all legal and regulatory requirements, best practice and maintaining the highest standards. 5. Suppliers must supply the group admin at wgavgroup@gmail.com with an copy of their FBO renewal certificate on expiry. 6. Group admins will approach suppliers directly with any concerns and reserve the right to remove membership without liability. *