Deer & Wildlife Management

Why Manage Deer and Wildlife?

In an age where society is questioning the sustainability of our food sources and the way we treat our environment and wildlife it is right that we reflect on what we do and how we do it. When it comes to ensuring there is balance in our countryside for all wildlife to thrive there is no question that some kind of human intervention is necessary and good unbiased scientific study supports this.

Reasons for intervention

  • Reducing negative impact on vulnerable habitats
  • Increasing biodiversity – creating balance for a range of species to thrive 
  • Limiting damage to agriculture and increasing crop yield
  • Culling for humane reasons – restricting the spread of disease, starvation and preventing suffering by establishing sensible holding capacities and achieving a balanced cull including old and sick animals.
  • Maintaining a healthy and sustainable wildlife population

The reasons for deer and wildlife management can vary depending on the land use and management objectives and as such the approach can vary and does not always involve culling. However, there are many species of wildlife that are designed to be predated upon and thier population increase through reproduction means that without a predator keeping a check on numbers the rise can quickly become detrimental to local habitat and other wildlife.

Sustainable and Ethical Wild Food

Deer Central is approved by our local authority as Food Business Operators. We operate at the highest standards with regards to food hygeine and we are passionate about using the sustainable surplus in the UK wild game population as a healthy food source and making it available locally.

Service Provider

Deer Central work closely with landowners their agents, land managers and conservationists to provide impact assessments, deer census work, short and long term management plans as well as implementation and monitoring. We have worked with all UK deer species in a variety of habitats including Special Areas of Conservation (SACS) and Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI’s).

We offer 3 main working arrangements

  • Under Contract – Where the landowner has defined management objectives to meet over set timescales we are happy to be invited to bid for tender of a contract.
  • Shooting Rights – Where the management objectives are undefined and Deer Central see value in the purchase of a lease for a set period we are happy to discuss this.
  • Deer Management support – Where the more formal route of Contracts and leases are not appropriate we are more than happy to discuss short term solutions and arrangements for support at no obligation.

In short we are,

  • Discreet where culling is involved
  • Safe
  • Qualified
  • Experienced
  • Fully, Commercially Insured

Deer Central will conduct a survey and impact assessment free of charge and will propose a plan to benefit both landowner and service provider whilst giving you the peace of mind that you will be putting your deer and wildlife management in safe hands.

Please feel free to enquire through our contact page