Firearms Training

We deliver training for recreational users and also for professionals who may need to use firearms as part of thier work.

One Day Firearms Awareness Course

This is an introductory course to familiarise candidates with sporting firearms and thier safe use.

It involves a morning in the classroom followed by a session on the rifle range.

Two Day Firearm Safety Course

Candidates will learn the basics of handling and using a firearm safely and responsibly in a sporting or pest control environment. Designed for those would like to use a rifle for recreation or who need to use a rifle as part of thier work.  It will cover the following modules,

Firearms and Optics
Firearm Safety
Marksmanship Principles
Rifle Range – Practical
Firearms Law
Risk Assessment – Practical
Rifle Zeroing
Understanding the need for wildlife management to promote habitat biodiversity
Shot Placement
Rifle Maintenance

The course will teach best practice for safe use. It will teach the theoretical knowledge along with some practical application in the classroom and on the rifle range to use a firearm safely. The aim of the course is to equip candidates with the knowledge to make informed choices and to operate safely and legally.

The course content is covered by short talks, powerpoint slides, practical demonstration, practical application, discussion and Q&A. 

Pre Course requirements.

The courses have no precourse requirements or restrictions*. No experience is nessasary and all equipment is provided.  It can be run in a set format or adapted to suit specific requirements.

You will receive a course certificate on completion with an outline of modules and learning objectives. Firearms licensing departments will accept the course as contributing evidence of training and experience towards your suitability for issue of a firearm certificate.

Please enquire via the contact page.

*with exception of prohibited persons under Sec 21 of the firearms Act 1968.