Deer Stalking

We are a ‘training and education’ company first and foremost and we aim to provide a progression of learning to clients who share our ethos for ethical and sustainable hunting. As such we offer ‘cull’ stalking which entails taking a balanced selection of animals accross the spectrum of the population. 

In a deer population and the age spectrum within it there is a range of quality. Some quality is progressive into maturity and for a smaller percentage, some within the mature range reach truly spectacular standard. Responsible management means that culling is selective and balanced accross the age spectrum but also considers important factors such as the annual recruitment/birth rate, the holding capacity of an area and the impact a population has on the local habitat. Poor animals are taken in preference over good quality however there will always be a smaller surplus of better quality animals and value is placed on them.

All who guide with Deer Central have vast experience in both deer management and training delivery.

All stalking is guided. Stalking on foot and/or Highseat.

As a training service provider, novices are very welcome and there is opportunity for training towards, and assessment for Deer Stalking Certificate Level 2. This should be arranged prior to your trip.

Use your own or the Estate Rifle

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