Deer Stalking Certificate Level 2

Level1and2certsCroppedThe Deer Stalking Certificate Level 2 is the chance for a deer stalker with sufficient experience to prove that they can meet a set standard in all aspects of their practice. The assessment starts at the preparation stage and the candidate will either have to demonstrate practically, and also by questioning, that they are safe, sufficiently knowledgeable and competent at all stages when taking a deer from field to larder.

With a BASC Assessor leading the team we can offer the reasurance of our intimate knowledge of the assessment process and a more simple and direct method of assessment without the need to find an ‘Approved Witness’.

Deer Central can facilitate Level 2 assessments either ourselves or we can come to you on ground where you have lawful authority to shoot deer.

The Performance Criteria come under 4 Categories or ‘Elements’,

  • Element 1 – Covers Planning and Preparation up to and including the stalk and selection of deer.
  • Element 2 – Covers the Shot, Follow up and initial Gralloch
  • Element 3 – Covers the detail of the Gralloch and Inspection.
  • Element 4 – Covers the extraction, lardering, storage and record keeping

All must be conducted according to Best Practice and demonstrating knowledge of legal requirements meeting the key features of each performance criteria as detailed within the DSC2 brief and on the Individual Cull Record Form.

We would reccomend undertaking DSC2 in the following process,

  • Make contact with us and discuss your current level of experience
  • Book a practice stalk where we will discuss the Performance Criteria on which you will be assessed and give you constructive feedback
  • When ready for assessment, book through an assessment center (we work under BASC) and you will be enrolled onto an online portfolio for your evidence gathering and submission.
  • Book an assessed stalk with us.

Please feel free to enquire via our contacts page.