Training & Mentoring

IMG_1133The progression from Deer Stalking Certificate Level 1 requires the theory learnt to be built upon with practical experience. Whilst you can apply the theory in the level 1 manual and self-teach there it is no comparison to being taught and mentored by an experienced deer stalker and instructor. Deer Central provides the opportunity for guided deer stalking with both experienced stalker and experienced instructor combined. You will learn to apply the best practice theory and become familiar with the process of taking a deer from field to larder in the most humane, safe and hygienic way possible. You will be revised on theory such as legal obligations, ballistics, notifiable diseases and reporting procedures. You will have the opportunity to spend time on a rifle range and receive coaching in marksmanship principles applied to deer stalking scenarios.

Meeting the standard needed for Deer Stalking Certificate Level 2 is the end objective. You may just need a confidence boost prior to your level 2 or perhaps you are starting from scratch. Whatever your level of expertise you will be welcome.

Please feel free to make enquiries via our contact page.