Casstrom No.10 SFK Stabilised Curly Birch

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This robust full-tang knife is built for versatility – you can use it for bushcraft, hunting and various tasks in the great outdoors. It is a very sturdy knife that you can use to gralloch a deer as well as carve hard wood or split smaller logs. The blade is about 10cm long and made from 3.8mm thick Swedish 14c28n stainless knife steel and heat treated to achieve a hardness of 57-59 HRC. The knives are ground with a shaving sharp full flat grind.

THE STEEL: Sandvik 14c28n is the latest development in Sandvik’s range of knife steels. Optimized chemistry provides a top grade knife steel with a unique combination of excellent edge performance (stability and ability to take an edge), high hardness and good corrosion resistance. This new grade allows for better hardness and wear resistance to previous grades without affecting the micro structure. Blade re-sharpening is therefore easy. At the same time, edge stability in terms of micro chipping and edge folding or rolling is also good.

What is the difference between Scandinavian grind and a Full Flat grind?

The Scandinavian grind in combination with this steel makes these knives very tough and resilient – ideal for heavy use. When re-sharpening, the whole bevel should be sharpened in order to maintain its properties or a secondary bevel can be added to make the edge even stronger.

The full flat ground version is sharpened from the spine of the blade with a more acute angle and with a less acute secondary bevel. This grind makes the knives very effective at cutting softer materials such as the processing of hunted game – versatile yet still very strong. Some control is lost when carving wood but the knife is easier to use for skinning, preparing food and most day to day chores. When re-sharpening the full flat grind, only the secondary bevel is re-sharpened with an angle of approx 40-50 degrees in total.

Handle. This particular model has a stabilised curly birch handle for its pure aesthetics but Casstrom still take hygeine whilst hunting into consideration. The handles of these striking-looking knives are made from wood that has been stabilised with acrylics, increasing the density of the material and making it impregnable and resistant to cracks and movement regardless of climate. Washable, waterproof, and very tough.

Sheath. The knife comes with a very sturdy black or brown knife sheath made from 3mm thick vegetable tanned leather. The sheaths have an extra wide belt loop, an opening in the bottom for liquid, and a hole for a lanyard strap.

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