Casstrom Stropping Paste

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Swedish Strop Paste is Casström’s own high-quality stropping compound designed to bring a razor-sharp edge to your knife.
Made in Sweden of the best abrasive materials, using Swedish Strop Paste means your knife delivers optimal performance on your outdoor adventures.

What is Swedish Strop Paste?
It is an abrasive compound used to refine and polish your knife blade.
When applied to a Casström leather strop, Swedish Strop Paste will remove any burrs on the blade leaving a refined and polished edge.

What Grits are available?
Grit is the term used for the size of abrasive particles. Swedish Strop Paste utilizes three grits – coarse, medium and fine. This means that you have every grit necessary to leave your knife edge highly polished and shaving sharp!
Grey (coarse): Aluminium oxide that removes burrs and provides a coarse pre-polish.
White (medium): Aluminium oxide that polishes and removes small burrs. A good general choice if you only want to use one grit.
Green (fine): Chromium oxide paste that refines and polishes to a bright finish.

How do I use it?
It’s simple. It has been designed to use on a leather strop and is easy to apply. Simply rub a small amount of Swedish Strop Paste onto a leather strop and you are ready to begin stropping. When there is a little too much build-up of paste on your strop, simply scrape the excess off with the spine of an old knife, for example.

Swedish Strop Paste 7 cm x 2,1 cm dia.  Approx. 50g.

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Coarse, Fine, Medium