Granton 5 inch Narrow Curved Boning Knife – Semi Flexible

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A narrow curved boning knife with a semi flexible blade for those intricate jobs where presision is needed for presentable cuts.

Granton are Sheffield knife makers established in 1601 and the designers of the original Granton® Edge that all other knife manufacturers have copied.

Thier knives are made from high carbon stainless steel for a balance between low maintenance durability and edge retention. They pride themselves in a specific heat treatment and grinding process which results in a knife strong enough to ensure that the fine cutting edge is maintained for the longest possible duration, and when eventually the edge needs revitalising it can easily accomplished using a sharpening steel or hone.

Handles are insert-moulded from polypropylene co-polymer to withstand sterilising and dishwasher use.

Granton blades are laser tested and made to BS EN ISO 8442-1:1998 from hot Sheffield forgings or fully hardened and tempered stainless steel, double taper ground and hand finished.