Granton Sharpening Steel Medium Cut

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12″ Sharpening Steel

Medium Cut

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12″ Sharpening Steel

Medium Cut

A traditional steel for realigning and honing the blades on your larder knives keeping them in optimal condition whilst you work. Supplied with hanging ring.


Granton are Sheffield knife makers established in 1601 and the designers of the original Granton® Edge that all other knife manufacturers have copied.

Thier knives are made from high carbon stainless steel for a balance between low maintenance durability and edge retention. They pride themselves in a specific heat treatment and grinding process which results in a knife strong enough to ensure that the fine cutting edge is maintained for the longest possible duration, and when eventually the edge needs revitalising it can easily accomplished using a sharpening steel or hone.

Handles are insert-moulded from polypropylene co-polymer to withstand sterilising and dishwasher use.

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