Pulsar Telos XP50

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Telos: the premium line of upgradable monoculars

First our new concept – an upgradable thermal imaging monocular line – Telos by Pulsar.

Telos is designed to be timeless. It is the first line of thermal imaging devices on the market offering the option of technical upgrades. Become a Telos owner and you will have the chance to improve your device in the future and always have a product that is relevant and cost effective.

But the real game changer is its extreme NETD thermal sensitivity below 18 milliKelvin. These sensor qualities guarantee simply stunning thermal imaging capabilities even in the most severe weather conditions.

Flexible upgrade ready design
EXTREME <18mk NetD sensitivity
Enhanced image detail and clarity
Zoom ring control
Ambidextrous design
Replaceable fast charge battery system
UI & Controls customisation