Roe HD II Caller

£22.00 Incl. VAT

Easy to master

Wide variation in pitch

Natural tone

Hands free operation

Lanyard included

Stock Available


Sound different to the stalker next door and draw in that elusive buck!

The Roe HD caller is a reed call developed for Roe but is equally effective with Muntjac.

It is easy to use by resting the upper teeth on the reed and blowing. The pitch varies depending on where the teeth are placed on the reed. Tone can be changed by simply enclosing the call in your hand to create a small chamber. With a little practice and study of your quarry species the stalker can mimic a range of lifelike sounds to suit the situation.

Comes supplied with a lanyard.

You can listen to the call here – This gives a demonstration of the variation achievable rather than how to use the call.