Sharp’Easy Professional Knife Sharpener

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SHARP Easy professional knife sharpener in yellow

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The easiest way to sharpen your larder knives quickly and keep them sharp the Sharp’Easy uses the same honing process as a traditional steel, without a necessary training. This means your larder knives are honed on the correct angle every time without fail maximising efficiency and eliminating the risk of damage to the knife edge. It enables you to keep your knives in peak condition 100% of the time. We think the savings you will make in both time and cost of replacing knives make this sharpener a good investment.

Honing is the action which insures that the cutting edge is kept viable for as long as possible, and is actually done periodically during the course of butchery.


1) Daily maintenance of the cutting edge and removal of the burrs:
Insert the blade into the guide up to the hilt. When the blades comes into contact with the pre-tensioned guide bars, slide the knife from hilt right up to the tip with a gentle and regular stroke, going down inside the guide without reaching the V shaped tongues situated in the bottom.
This movement should be repeated several times at a row.

2) Straightening the cutting edge that has become worn or damaged:
Insert the blade of the knife right to the bottom of the guide, down to the hilt and then slide your knife backward up to the tip of the knife with a smooth stroke whilst applying slight pressure, the V shaped tongues straighten the cutting edge.
This can be repeated several times.

– Monobloc yellow body, made of an ultra-resistant polypropylene. Comply with the EC directive 2002/72/EC, Directive 2004/19/EC et Directive 2007/19/EC.
– Pre-tensioned sharpening bars, made of stainless steel 1.4310 (AISI 302) and coated with hard chroma
– Blade guides, made of stainless steel 1.4034 (AISI 420)

Hand use or mounted option.
– Can be held manually thanks to its hand-guard (protecting the operator’s hand)
– Or can be fixed on a table thanks to its stainless steel bracket which is available separately. Two possible positions:
* At 90° on the front of the working table for example
* At 45° on a bracket (sold separately) on the working table for example.
– Can be used by right-handed and left-handed people

– The blade-guide maintains a stable sharpening angle.
– The V shaped tongues perfectly straighten the cutting edge.
– The knife tends to hit the top of the SHARP’EASY while sliding the knife. This is the reason why the SHARP’EASY is
fitted with stainless steel reinforcement at the top of the blade guide to avoid any plastic pieces into the meat.

– The pre-tensioned sharpening bars are the only spares needed for the maintenance of the
SHARP’EASY. They can be replaced easily without any tool.
– No springs to make the balance of the pre-tensioned sharpening bars. You can easily remove them manually.
– In food-industries : abattoir, slaughterhouse, butchery, fish-shop…
– No point of wastes retention.
– The SHARP’EASY can easily be removed from its mounting so that it can be washed and sterilized together with the
knife basket at the end of the day

Food Regulation compliant:
The SHARP’EASY is conformed to the international rules concerning public health as well as the hygiene regulations. It was designed so that its use does not present any danger. Furthermore all the materials used to manufacture this
product are suitable for contact with foodstuffs.
In compliance with the requirements of :
– the EU Regulation 1935/2004 from 27th October 2004 modified (Materials and Articles to Come into Contact with
– the EU Regulation 2023/2006 from 22th December 2006 modified.
– Standard NF A36-711 for metal and alloy
– Regulation UE 10/2011 and its amendments (2019/37 included) for plastic materials