Sika XT S Deer Call

£39.99 Incl. VAT

Loud, realistic and irresistable

Versitile for imitation of Stag whistles and grunts as well as the alarm squeek and softer ‘mews’ of Hinds.

Effective at all times of year with a some knowledge and adaptation.

Comes supplied with instructions and a lanyard.

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The very latest Version – The Sika XT S (Short) in Lime green benefits from all the developments of previous versions but it is more compact and comes complete with a lanyard.

If you are on the search for a deer call that mimics perfectly the impressive volume and range of Sika calls then look no further.

The calls are made by resting your teeth on the reed to achieve the correct starting note whilst moving the teeth position up and down the reed whilst varying intensity. It will mimic calls such as the alarm whistle, mews and various bugle calls. With a little practice this call can used in many ways to suit the situation and at other times of year other than the rut. The volume of this call will bring sika in from a good distance!

Instructions included

Listen to a demo of the Sika XT call here,

Sika Stag,

Alarm Call,

Watch a quick demo of one type of Call here,

The Call in use