Sirman Semi-Automatic Burger Press 5″

£331.20 Incl. VAT

The 5″ Semi Automatic Burger press is a simple but effective and easy to use machine which will speed up your burger production.


The Sirman SA130 5″ burger press is constructed from an anodized aluminium alloy, the burger press is made from stainless steel and the burger press’s feet are rubber to prevent slipping on a table top.

Simple and easy to use, you place a disc from the holder above into the press and the burger mix on top of it adding another disc on top. The lever moves the press round and into position compressing the mince to create the burger. The lever is lifted and the finished burger is pushed out of the mould but the plate underneath for you to remove and reload with a new disk. When accustomed to the system this speeds up your production several times compared to a small manual press.