Viper-Flex Styx Pro To Go

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The Viper-Flex® Styx PRO TO GO is a strong and very stable set of shooting sticks for travelling.

They can be used as a shooting aid in any shooting position to provide incredible stability.

In full carbon fibre telescopic contruction and collapsing to a very compact 91cm.

If you are in challenging terrain you can split the Pro To Go sticks into two seperate trecking poles.

Facts about the Viper-Flex® Styx PRO TO GO

  • Lightweight edition, pipes in full carbon.
  • Single-hand operated.
  • Wide front ensures that you can cover a 20m wide area, at 100 meters distance, without having to move the stick.
  • The rubber feet are designed to be used on hard, smoother and as well as tread on soft surfaces.
  • Rubberized legs reduce noise and ensures better grip and handling.
  • Suitable for shooters up to 2.05 m.
  • Shortest length (when retracted) 91 cm.
  • Easy and quick adjustment to the desired height.
  • Weight 0.9 kg.
  • Can be transported in a suitcase.

For even better stability, the purchase of Single Leg Styx PRO TO GO is recommended.